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Together with you we create stimulating interdisciplinary environments to inspire and empower your people and your organization to grow in all relevant areas of business.


Our expert network and our team work on creating exclusive strategies and action plans to empower your organisation to thrive and grow.


We believe that growth should be a permanent quest in the life of any organization, empowering its leaders and its people. We believe that growth takes courage and perseverance. We believe that growth is achievable through the right approach to innovation and transformation. We are here to inspire and assist you on your quest for growth.

Our business development services and tours are the door to a changing process, aiming to unleash your fullest potential and growth. We create stimulating environments for organisations and people in which you will learn how to challenge the status quo and then change and thrive. 

You come together with peers to energize, inspire, and connect. Our experiences are intense, so prepare to save the rest and relaxation for later. We challenge you and open the path to your growth.

We believe innovation is at the core of business growth.

We see innovation as change for creating and implementing more effective processes, more dynamic products, improving services and bringing new ideas into your organisation.

We see there is lot of preconception around innovation, and many will believe that they need a special talent to be innovative.

We believe that everybody can be innovative.

You do not need magic formulas to win at the innovation game, you just need the right inspiration, right mindset and courage, so that innovation will be a very rewarding and enjoyable process.

Our tours are quests to demystify and make innovation easy for you.

If you believe, like us, that innovation is essential to the growth of your organisation and if you want to learn more about how others innovate, our tours are for you.

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The tour prepared by Ioana Sträter for the World Association of Newspapers was a special opportunity to meet Europe’s top publishing houses and to experience future-orientated business models. I enjoyed the tour very much, it was full of fantastic experiences. It was a pleasure to work with Ioana and I can warmly recommend her tours.”

Carlos Fernando Monteiro Lindenberg Neto

CEO, Rede Gazeta, Brasil


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QuestiQ – In the Quest for Growth

Our goal is to help organisations reach their full potential, grow and succeed in every business situation.

Our team and experts network offer tailor-made services with measurable short-term results which lead to increased international reach, sales and revenue growth. We work on exclusive programmes that empower your organization and its leadership to thrive.

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