Poetry Sunday

I dedicate this poem to all the strong inspiring ladies I met over the past months.
From “the princess saves herself in this one” by Amanda Lovelace.

the dragon
came flying back
to the girl
(as dragons often do)

expecting to find
the damaged damsel
he left behind
so long

he was
to find
the mighty queen
standing before him.

after all,
only queens
have the power
to vanquish dragons
like him.

he dared
to seat himself
upon the throne
she built with her own
two hands

tell her
she would never
be strong enough
to rule on her own.

the queen
looked right
into the dragon’s face
as she laughed
at his silly words

upon him
the fire dancing
in her palms.

– sugar, spice, & fire.

Lovelace, Amanda. the princess saves herself in this one.