Insights from the Business Front Line: Innovation for Growth Tour in Scandinavia

Exceptionally innovative companies combine the right business strategy with the adequate technology in an excellent operating model. They deal with failures and emerge from them faster. Still, among all others, the Scandinavian countries are at the avantgarde of innovation. What do Scandinavian companies do differently? They have a different approach to business, tech, and people.

They do not complain about the disruption of traditional industries and markets or about new competition. Instead they believe new market conditions create opportunities and new business environments bring new ideas. For some of them, it even means to create an entirely new business model. Business transformation creates growth.

They acknowledge the fact that, nowadays, digitalisation is a must and they take on the challenge for technology shifts. At one end they try and might fail, at the other they win. They realise that new technologies such as AI, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, IoT bring a quantum leap in productive improvement.

They are not afraid of creating new processes or new leadership systems. They recognise that leadership and people development, along with recruitment and talent management are critical for the innovation process. Their teams embrace a culture of operational excellence, reimagining operations every day, cultivate open communication and faster decision-making.

And they do all this in the fast lane: rapid change is essential for success and for achieving the competitive advantage.

Many organisations are confronted with the question of how to deal with all of the above. There is no standard approach to this question. While we believe that every organisation, based on its own corporate culture, its market threats and opportunities has to find its own success formula for its transformation journey, we are convinced that exchange with peers that went previously through the same process can be largely inspiring and profitable.

During a time-efficient, three-day tour du force of Scandinavia, we will take you behind the scenes of exceptionally innovative companies in Finland and Denmark, like LEGO, UPM, Exruptive, Bloxhub and many more. We named this tour ‘Innovation for Growth’. Here is more about the tour:

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